Hip Adduction
& Abduction

Work with Mosley Coaching

Machine Adjustment:

• Adjust the machine settings to align the pads with the sides of your legs.
• Position the seat so that your knees are in line with the axis of rotation for both adduction and abduction movements.
• Ensure the range of motion feels comfortable and natural.

Proper Seating and Posture:

• Sit comfortably with your back against the backrest and feet flat on the floor.
• Maintain a neutral spine throughout the exercise to avoid unnecessary stress on the lower back.
• Hold onto any handles or support bars provided to stabilize your upper body.

Adduction Movement:

• For hip adduction (bringing legs together), position your thighs against the inner pads.
• Inhale and squeeze your thighs together, engaging the inner thigh muscles.
• Exhale as you release the tension, allowing the pads to move apart without fully separating your legs.

Abduction Movement:

• For hip abduction (moving legs apart), position your thighs against the outer pads.
• Inhale and push your thighs outward, engaging the outer hip muscles.
• Exhale as you control the return of the pads to the starting position without allowing them to slam together.

Range of Motion and Control:

• Focus on a controlled and deliberate range of motion for both adduction and abduction.
• Avoid using momentum or jerking movements, emphasizing muscle engagement throughout.
• Adjust the resistance to a level that challenges your muscles without compromising form.

Additional Information:
• Hip adduction primarily targets the inner thigh muscles (adductors), while hip abduction targets the outer hip muscles (abductors).

• Include both adduction and abduction movements in your routine for balanced hip strength.
• If you have any hip or knee issues, consult with a fitness professional or healthcare provider before using the machine.