Leg Extension

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Proper Machine Adjustment:
• Adjust the machine settings to align the leg pad with your lower legs, just above your ankles.
• Set the backrest to provide stability and ensure your lower back is supported throughout the exercise.
• Choose a weight that allows for controlled and precise movements.

Body Positioning:

• Sit on the machine with your back firmly against the backrest, ensuring proper alignment.
• Place your feet under the leg pad, with your knees forming a 90-degree angle.
• Hold onto any handles or support bars for stability, keeping your torso upright.

Initiating the Movement:

• Inhale and extend your legs by straightening your knees.
• Focus on contracting your quadriceps (front thigh muscles) throughout the movement.
• Keep the movement controlled and avoid using momentum or jerking motions.

Range of Motion and Control:

• Aim for a full range of motion by extending your legs until they are straight, but avoid locking out your knees.
• Lower the weight with control, feeling a stretch in your quadriceps at the bottom of the movement.
• Maintain tension on the quadriceps throughout the entire set.

Resistance and Repetitions:

• Select a weight that allows you to perform 12-15 repetitions with proper form.
• Gradually increase the resistance as your strength improves for progressive overload.
• Pay attention to muscle fatigue and ensure that your quadriceps are sufficiently challenged by the end of each set.

Additional Information:
• Leg extensions primarily target the quadriceps, emphasizing the muscles on the front of the thigh.
• Incorporate leg extensions into your leg workout routine for comprehensive lower body development.
• To enhance muscle engagement, focus on a controlled tempo, and consider adding variations such as single-leg leg extensions to address potential strength imbalances.