Standing Calf Raise

Work with Mosley Coaching

Adjustment of Machine Settings:
• Adjust the height of the shoulder pads to align with your shoulders comfortably.
• Position the balls of your feet on the foot platform, ensuring your heels can move freely without obstruction.
• Select an appropriate weight by adjusting the weight stack or pin, considering your strength level.

Body Position and Posture:

• Stand tall with your back against the machine’s backrest.
• Keep your shoulders relaxed and your chest lifted.
• Engage your core muscles for stability throughout the exercise.

Foot Placement and Alignment:

• Place the balls of your feet on the foot platform, ensuring they are hip-width apart.
• Position your feet parallel to each other or experiment with turning your toes slightly inward or outward to target different areas of the calf muscles.

Initiating the Movement:

• Inhale and slowly lift your heels by pushing through the balls of your feet.
• Focus on raising your heels as high as possible, contracting your calf muscles.
• Keep your knees straight but not locked, and avoid any bouncing or jerking movements.

Full Range of Motion and Control:

• Aim for a full range of motion by lifting your heels as high as possible.
• Lower your heels back down to the starting position with control, feeling a stretch in your calf muscles.
• Maintain a smooth and controlled tempo throughout the exercise.

Additional Information:

• The Standing Calf Raise Machine primarily targets the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles of the calves.
• Perform the exercise with proper form and a controlled pace to maximize muscle engagement.
• Consider incorporating different foot positions, such as toes pointed inward or outward, to target various parts of the calf muscles.