Wellness Assessment

What’s your wellness score? Take our quick assessment to find out!

Wellness Assessment
How would you rate your overall habit of consuming healthy foods?
How many sodas, sweet tea, juice, energy/sports drinks, sweetened coffee, or other sweetened beverages do you drink each day?
I get at least 8 hours of quality sleep:
What is your daily activity level?
I eat … servings of fruits and vegetables each day?
How many days a week do you eat breakfast?
How many glasses of water do you drink each day?
How many times do you eat fast/fried/packaged foods high in salt/fat/sugar in a day?
How many times a week do you eat out at a restaurant or order takeout?
How many alcoholic beverages do you usually consume per week?
Do you smoke or chew any tobacco products?
How many days a week do you participate in exercise?
How often do you take vitamin supplements?
I am aware of my portion sizes on my plate:
What … % of the food I eat is ultra-processed (refined flour/sugar):
When I wake up, I usually feel:
I overeat when I am bored or emotional (stressed/upset/angry/happy):
Before I go to bed I:
I go outside and walk:
I am aware of my emtions:
When I cook food, I measure out the portions:
I make sure I eat healthy whole foods:
When I am presented with a challenge:
I like to be challenged:
When I find myself getting upset with another person, I:
It is important to me to work on healthier habits:
I feel strongly about myself if I make a mistake:
It’s hard for me to believe I can change:
I celebrate my accomplishments no matter how small they seem:
I write down things I am grateful for: