Skylar Mosley, Founder

My name is Skylar Mosley. I began growing Mosley Coaching as a direct response to the ‘a-ha’ moment I experienced when improving my life. I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and hold certifications in Corrective Exercise, Nutritional Coaching, and Habit Coaching in the form of Tiny Habit Coaching.

I’ve been on my fitness journey for years, but I began as many do; struggling with my health, not knowing what to do, and wanting to change. I was diagnosed with high blood and high cholesterol, which impacted my life more than I wanted it to. On top of that, my health reflected my life and my relationships. I knew those would not improve if I could not improve my health.

2014 is when I began taking steps to improve my health. I became very experienced in weightlifting but didn’t quite have a grasp on nutrition just yet. Once exercising became a part of my lifestyle, I began self-educating myself. I knew I needed to get a handle on that. Throughout 2015-2016 I spent much time figuring out what worked best for me and what didn’t, and over time, I lost over 60 pounds.

As I continued to improve my health, my relationships, educate myself, and my mindset, my passion for helping others continued to grow and grow until 2019, when I became certified in Personal Training.

I tried working at a big-box gym, but their values did not align with mine. I decided it was time to grow Mosley Coaching dedicated to helping others live healthier and happier lives.

Outside of exercise, I am an avid gamer, food lover, and cat dad. Oh, and I do love my craft beers too! My mission in helping people change their lives is to educate, guide, and lead through example.

Why should you work with me?


I practice what I preach. I am always looking to improve myself through continuing education, enriching my personal life, and experiencing new hobbies.


I'm not going anywhere, and neither is your information or image when you work with me. I only post photos of wins if my clients are comfortable and approve.


I want to see my people win, I want to see you win. I am dedicated to my clients, their journeys, and seeing them through every phase of the process.


Diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol     2013

Started exercising 5-6 days a week with a family member    2014

Began self-educating on nutrition and began my weight loss journey    2015

Lost 60+ pounds, no longer had high blood pressure or cholesterol    2016

Became a NASM CPT and started working at Crunch Fitness Part Time    2019

Created Mosley Fitness with a focus on weight loss & resistance training    2020

I began education for Nutritional Coaching via Precision Nutrition    2020

I passed and became certified in Nutritional Coaching     2020

Launched Mosley Fitness     2021

Became certified in Corrective Exercise     2021

Landed partnership with Snapchat     2022

Rebranded to Mosley Coaching with a focus on Wellness and Movement.    2023

Became a Tiny Habits Certified Coach     2023

Began studying for Wellness Coaching certification    2023

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